How do you do it?

How do you do it?

Someone chooses one approach, while others will choose a different approach. How do you manage your equipment maintenance? What best describes you or your business?

1. Run it till it dies and then worry about maintenance – panic and stress when a breakdown occurs and then suffer downtime costs and possible hire cost and project delays.

2. Service it or repair when you think of it – however, you never seem to think of it at the right time. What if you need it???

3. Have a PMP (Preventative Maintenance Plan) where equipment maintenance is scheduled and downtime reduced, productivity is increased and costs are managed.

A huge percentage of our customers find themselves predominantly in either number one or two.

What about you?

Small and medium-sized plant and equipment is constantly overlooked, while larger assets get more attention. Obviously there is more at risk financially with larger equipment, but all your equipment needs some level of maintenance to keep them operating correctly and safely.

All equipment – whether a $2000 generator or a $100,000 excavator- will deteriorate over time and eventually breakdown or fail. Generally, there is never a good time for equipment to stop working.

When equipment fails you can always call us to get you out of trouble, but there is a far better way!!!

We are now working with clients to help them better manage their assets, reduce downtime, increase productivity and extend the working life of their assets.

We will come to your site or office, discuss your current situation, provide best options, catalogue your equipment, put in place a PMP (Preventative Maintenance Plan) to suit your range of equipment, provide scheduled service reminders, carry out service work, update equipment service records……

Could this be a benefit to you? Intrigued or interested? Have equipment needing attention now !!!!!Discuss Your Needs

Or leave your details and we will contact you to help how you manage and maintain your assets.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

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